Rick Ross

Chevy Ridin' High - Letra

Rick Ross

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This is...
This is...
This is...
This is...
Chevy ridin' high
Chevy ridin' high
Chevy-Chevy ridin' high
Chevy-Ch-Ch-Chevy ridin' high

Chevy ridin' high,boy
Chevy ridin' high,boy
Chevy ridin' high
(Bumpin Gangsta Music)
Chevy-Chevy ridin' high,boy
Chevy ridin' high,boy
Chevy ridin' high
(Bumpin Gangsta Music)

I'm a real thug, so my rims scrubbed
No black N milds, the blunt feel good
I got a V12,sweeter than a female
It feels like intercourse bucklin' the seatbelt
B**** all black, down to the shoes man
Bought it from my dog, gave his a** 2 things
Known as the boss, I swerve 2 lanes
B**** I'm Ricky Ross, me and Dre do things

Listen up n****, I got a idea
I aim this 'K at you and you come off the pies, n****
I ain't playin' fool, this ain't X-Box
But I could take you to the morgue and you pick out the best box
Rover ridin'(Dre),Chevy stickin'(Dre),your ho she vibeing, she
gon' let Dre hit it
I’m from North Miami, ain't no secret homie
Quit actin' ho and walk it like that chick Naomi

Me and Ross back at it, ya'll a** backwards
My homie Dirtbag, yes he got "Don status"
Epdempic is a Army (JBC) is a Navy
We combine and take over this Day s***
My partner D-Wade, keep a heat jersey on him
I just tote the heat for haters from tryin' to hurt me homie
I got Monopoly cheese, I work the streets hard
Try to dodge them snitches who get Out Of Jail For Free cards

I sold food like rupees and jeans
I'm tellin' ya my whole crew rock rupees and jeans
Put me in power, when he threw me them things
I came back, moneybags,the louie should seem
Chrissed out Rosie, yeah I pour dat
We connected with Khaled, we backdough that
You see my wrist man? Keep your pink wristband
She can't believe I'm in a Chevy, even though I'm rich man

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