Canción 'Ella' del disco 'VII' interpretada por Rata Blanca

en español

Rata Blanca

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ELLA es una canción de Rata Blanca, este tema está incluido dentro del disco VII.

Ella (en español)

Close your eyes,
I will tell
something that never
I told you before.

She grabbed my heart.
It is the sweet honey that made me ...
Feeling distinction
to others.
something has changed
when I was at his side.

Today I do not remember
how could
not know
spend my life.

I no longer reaches the right.
I no longer care about the world without it.

She is the dream
a loser
found that the
and now there may be.
And I am going to exist ...
I can exist, for it ...

We can only walk
under the hot sun of the destination.

She is the sky.
It is the sea.
It gives
meaning to my life ...
my life ...
my life.

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