Squeeze my pilow

Ciudad de Angeles

Letra de la canción

So I'll squeeze my pillow tonight
While I'm dreaming about you, dreaming about you
Y yo ruego a al l despertar, tú estés a mi lado, te quiero a mi lado
Be my last night without you, my last night without you

So scared; I don't want to spend the night alone
Sin sentir q tengo junto a mi tu Corazón,
Y no imagino como dormir si no estas aquí en mi cama
Si no te acuestas sobre mi
It's not much to hear your voice on the telephone
And I don't think I'll get any rest
If I don't wrap my arms around you
If you're not sleeping on my chest

I miss you
I don't think you'll ever know how much
I want you
I'm going crazy girl without your touch
I know you love me and I have to be strong
But I'm dying to kiss you baby, and I've held you on for so long

Yo te quiero
There has to be a way that we can be together
Yo te espero
'Cause all ever wamt is to be with you forever
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: pumply

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