Canción 'Never Be The Same' del disco 'Do You Know ' interpretada por Michelle Williams

Never Be The Same Letra y Canción

Michelle Williams

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NEVER BE THE SAME es una canción de Michelle Williams que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco Do You Know .


'Never Be The Same'

Oh, what a lovely heady game
This ascension into fame
I feel no shame, but oh
Such a longing in the soul
For something only it can hold
God only knows and oh
As the days of yester wane
And all the melodies remain
We'll sing our song again
Even if you don't remember my name

All the sam, "que sera, sera" as they say
Hey I'm just glad we had this day
And I know I'll never be the same
I'll never be the same

And oh, whaty a lovely crazy game
Juggling fortune with the fame (but still)
I'm glad you came
You know we're really not that far apart
That is if I do my job, then in your heart
Are all of the things I will try to say
As you allow me room on your stage
And we sing our song again
Even if you don't remember my name, well...


And oh, as our memories we reclaim
And all the blessed songs that we once learned
to sing
We'll sing our song again
Even if they don't remember my name