Canción 'In pursiut of happiness' del disco 'Another Intensity' interpretada por Gentleman

In pursiut of happiness Letra


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IN PURSIUT OF HAPPINESS es una canción de Gentleman del año 2007, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Another Intensity.

Letra 'In pursiut of happiness'

In pursiut of happiness
total togetherness
it’s such an elusive thing
so we hope and sing
mount everest
climb it and never rest
limbs get sour and even spine get test

always pursiut you can gain it
some get a lot of the pot but dem still don’t attain it
captured and claim it name it and frame it
the strongest will survive and maintain it
visions with ambition and nuh ramp at all
build a step with stumbling blocks and climb the wall
you have been chosen now time to hear the call
jah power sign and sealer
question to answer and earthly tings
laughter joy and sorrow is what life will bring
calculate it and simplify
give it more try one more

devoted to your dream reach out and grab it
promoted by the clean real life habit
you got to watch your back or frienemy will stab it
take care of a your soul or babylon will rob it
dem words nuh have no weight dem just pod it
mind it suck upon your brain and mad it
pressure nonstop dem multiply and add it
the reason for it all we forgot it

there is so much to erase
but there is a time and place
i can see it on your face
heartbroken human face
nothing to replace
all the moments gone to waste
find an open space
and leave your trace

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