Michael Musso

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Pop Girl
Material good girl
Loves giving back finer things in this world
But She's my girl, do what I gotta do.
Pay her to the gate
Give her whatever she wants me too
CHO: Girl, I'm buying her the world
I'm spending all my pearls
She's got me signing checks and buying jets
I will give her anything she wants
Just to keep her love
But there's one thing that this girl can't have
That is my white striped gloves
BSec: You can have anything
Anything you wanna have
But you're never gonna get, girl
That is my white striped gloves
You can have many things
I can get'cha what you want
But you're never gonna get, girl
That is my white striped gloves :BSec
My white stripes
Are what caught her eye
They pulled her over like a magnet
And she said that I was so fly
These gloves are mine
They bring the girls to the yard
I go from ten to twelve, its hard
You know you still can't put them on
White striped gloves
I can hear you breathing,
You taking then you leaving,
Don't act like I can't see
That you want ‘em
No, you can't go buy 'em,
No, you can't go try 'em
I got you everything but these White Striped Gloves
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Michael Musso
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