Mystery Gang

Letra de la canción

Love me love me love me love me baby,
Hug me hug me hug me hug me gal,
Kiss me kiss me kiss me kiss me baby,
Scratch my back and squall and purr!

Well my baby loves my greasy hair,
Well my baby digs my style,
I hold my gal like a grizzly bear,
She is the apple of my eye,
Oh baby move now!
Please me every day, please me every night,
'till your love hits my head like bourbone an' wine!
Please me every day please me every night,
You love my greasy hair dig my style!

Love me... Hug me... Kiss me...

Friday night I need my rockin' shoes,
I gotta hanful of nickles in my coat,
We're gonna bop to rhythm and blues,
The gang will be wild and loud!
Oh baby move now!
Please me every day,
Please me every night...

Letra añadida por: MiNgO (#20.484)

Mystery Gang
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