Gaia - Gaia

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Mago De Oz


Gaia Letra

There are times that I do not know, if you squeeze the sun
To feel heat and I doubt that at birth, will come to believe
that were to die today

attempt to understand, why this decision
if I ever hate
I try to grasp the value,
but I do not know pretend
I just want to live.
Where is sold some compassion?
to quench my loneliness
Where traffic with dreams of love?
I want to sleep because this anguish
I remember the day when my freedom
No price or end-tapeworm
Instead today gave up eternity
to see the sun come out tomorrow
I get even and all the evil that I do
I return to you
The man was never master of gaia
is precisely the opposite
I hear some footsteps, it breaks my voice
I know that coming for me
and a priest in the name of god
Question: Do you want to confession?
I confess that I believed in God and loved
of the poor, just and moral
I confess that in the saddle
in which I die
my soul reborn
All my life parades before me,
so many dreams to fulfill
Do not be afraid, do not cry for me,
will always be with you.
I hear the prayers, I try to scream,
I do not look for cover
in the eyes of a cruel humanity,
driving the death is the end.

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GAIA es una canción de Mago De Oz que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco Gaia. Agradecemos a cammie! por haber sudido la letra de Gaia (en inglés).