Day 26

Letra de la canción

Lonely at da crib
Had to get out, search for me a honey dip
Listening to sexual healing
Girl you could give me that feeling
Oh ah ah
A girl thats bout it cuz she gotta be bout it
When shes so serious, wanna get her to my crib

We got a lot in common if you take da time to find out
We could talk later if you want but it will slow us down
Lets go hop in nope i aint tryna cover it up
What i really want is...

Come with me
Ill put you fast to sleep
Youll be wakin up wit me
3 in da mornin, feindin askin for more (2x)

Pull up to da club
Said dont go in cuz i had to talk to her, dont
Worry bout your friends, i get you home
To tell da truth i was gamin her cuz...

She was lookin ready
I told her to come with me
Anything u find in here so lets get busy

Repeat hook && chorus

We at the crib now so i gotta get it get it
Yes i know your down for it
Tell me where you want me to touch it ill kiss it kiss it
Im going all da way
Cuz dis is an attraction
We gotta go have it
So once i lay you down
You make those sexy sounds
Fall asleep and wake up for me


Letra añadida por: MaraPR (#22.210)

Day 26
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