Once upon a time. Soundtrack The Dudesons

Damn Seagulls

Letra de la canción

That night I've been in every single street in this town
And after that I took another round
I was trying to get wasted in this abandoned station
I thought I could trick myself away

I was wrong and I acted like a stupid kid
And I know I haven't changed
I try to be brave but I wasn't okay
I wasn't okay, not at all
I kept it all inside, and began to full

Yeah, once upon a time
Yeah, there was a boy who wanted to fly
Yeah, one day he died trying
Yeah, he said it was worth a try

Good morning everybody
Oh how much I need to do
I got to save the world and you know the rules
I finally come back home

It's getting harder all the time
To get up in the morning
You know I'm just trying to survive
I got to take over my mountain and build up new bases
Or I'm gonna get stuck in the mud
I gotta get out, it's so empty here without you

And I'm scared that you're not coming back
My friends, I need you now so I wouldn't feel so lonely
Lord, please give me something else to think about
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: Trunk_Of_Ammunition

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