Letra de la canción

Because you’re so sweet
You lift up my heart
And I’ll fall back again
But I don’t know
Quite which way to turn

The light in your eyes
Touches the sky
Andd I’m your hold me
As close as close can be

And many’s the time
That you’ve enchanted me
Now I want you back
Here in my lovin‘ arms
For eternity

You look and yyou smile
Warm me inside
‚Cause you’re so good to me
A beauty
Filling with the
joys of spring

No love is too pure
To give to the world
In her naivety
Or too tender
To caress with a simple kiss

And many’s the time
That you’re enchanted me
I want you back
Back in my lovin‘ arms
For eternity

Letra añadida por: shemkasai (#504)

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