Holy Mother

She's the one that made me change
Blind in love it feeds my brain
I don't belong
I can't convince myself of this
Alone you walk all over my heart
And rip my soul of every part
I'm like a dog
You left me to die in the alley of my home
Away from home
You're beggin' for riotousness
I beg to feed it
Iyr faith so blind
So close to fake
We'll need to seize
To heal an old disease
I could be wrong this time
But I know in my soul that a cold war
Is one bitter pill
A sandstone wall
In the last four hours of light
You wanna leave another city behind
Your bags are gettin' heavy
You can't believe you couldn't charm

Holy Mother

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Letra añadida por:
Hector(Hip Hop)

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