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If You See Kay (Letra/Lyrics)

If you see my friend,
doesn't matter where or when,
tell me if you see Kay,
tell me if you see Kay.
x 2

She said i won the battle but i lost the war,
and now my head is sore,
and if i try sail back in,
shes gon' push me from the shore,
now i won't ever get the time of day,
No way, no way, no
now for what i said,
but for what i didn't say x 2

If you see kay
will you tell her that i love her
if you see kay
let her know i want her back
if she listens
say i'm missing everything about her
make sure you say, i'm sweet FA
without her
If you see kay

She got me saying sorry through the door,
She don't care anymore,
She says its too late now,
Should have thought of this before,
But i ain't gonna take this as defeat,
No way No way no,
Cos i'm gonna shout it out to everyone,
Everyone I meet


Now i'm sitting here in disbelief,
At how it truly broke my heart to have to watch her leave,
But she was torn between what she wants and what she needs,
They say you love someone enough you gotta set them free,
She said that was born to leave this town behind,
Knew the truth but still she looked me in the eyes and lied,
Saying its time to cut the ties,
Time to say goodbye, So she left
But she never never left my.. never never left my mind..


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IF YOU SEE KAY es una canción de The Script que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco The Script. Agradecemos a Helena ^^ por haber sudido la letra de If You See Kay.