Letra de la canción

I´ma murder this man!
He´s the type to lose
a fight with a dyke
They don´t laugh ´cause you wack

It´s ´cause you white with a mic
You´re a laughingstock
When will this laugther stop?
When you and Everlast

bitcth-ass get popped
You a wigga
that invented rhyme for money
Watch Lil´Tic spot pick

the Energizer Bunny
Rip the Rabbit head off
Toss it to Hugh Hefner
´Cause I don´t play, boy

Tell me who´s fresher
LT, that´s right
Cock the heat and shoot ya
I´ll punísh Rabbit

or obsolete Future
My paws love to maul an MC
´Cause he´s faker than a psychic
with caller ID

So that bullshit,
save it for storage
´Cause this is hip-hop
You don´t belong, you´re a tourist

Put your hockey sticks
and baseball bat away
This here´s Detroit
16 Mile Road is that away
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: every_moment_is_another_chance


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