Letra de la canción

Taken to the woods, tied to a tree
Forced to disrobe, with a knife to the throat
Yours screams will go unheard, they excite me even more
I force my cock, into her tight virgin ass

The blood begins to flow freely
Lubricated with shit and gore

My desire is to kill
With no relent I hack at her back
Falling in and out of consciousness
From rapid loss of blood
I shove my fist into her anus
Ripping out her colon

Dripping with fresh human waste
Licking my lips, I eat her shit
I love it, I vomit with delight
Gagging on chunks of fresh human organs

I jack off on her bloodstained cunt
The wretched stench of leaking gastric juice
Makes me salivate all over myself
Settling for no less that pure mutilation

Slipping a noose around your neck
Hoist up your limp, ragdoll corpse
I1m getting no where with my blade
I itch to unveil my new chainsaw

Retching Up Aborted Feces

Letra añadida por: sadistico 666 (#8.120)

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