Kill Paradise

Im in love (x9)
Im in love (x9)

I want to make you fall in love
The kisses and the hearts that I dream of
I want to make your heart go crazy
Be something like the metronome and be my baby

I cant believe the way you rock
And how you drop your hips
And how your screaming while your kissing lips
You know you have me mesmerized
The why you blink your eyes

Looks like somebody has to scream
And now youre bringing me things (repeat)

You are my Beauty-Queen
Youre my Beauty-Queen
You are my Beauty-Queen
Youre my Beauty-Queen

Im in love (x9)
Im in love (x9)

She just looks so special to me
And I met her when I was only three
And I knew when we would play on the swing set
She was my queen

Oh believe its true I will stay close to you
And when your sad you can look at the picture I drew for you
The one that I drew of you

Kill Paradise

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Letra añadida por:
Hector(Hip Hop)

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