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[Intro: Master P]
Ay yall know Im not perfect
I did a lot of wrong
A man's family I've been changing my life
Im tellin you you could do the same thing
But dont do it for me do it for yourself
And do it for ya kids
Cuz they the future

[Hook x2: Master P]
Let the kids grow, let the kids dream
I was lost I used to hustle in the same street
Let the kids win, let the kids play
If we change for tomorrow be a brighter day

[Verse: Master P]
They call the girls frees, and the boys deeps
Cuz they aint in school and you runnin from the police
Oh you a tough guy, you got a fact ride
Cry like a baby when the judge gave you five
Oh you a gangsta ya son wanna be just like you
Bet he change his mind when the fens came and died you
Oh you a hard head, and you talk bad
A real gangsta in ya eye behind the ski mask
I heart you flipped stacks, yeah I did that
My brother dead cousins friends cant get them back
And since I changed I guess they think I got sauce
I guess you hard when you dead or locked behind bars
Im a real G, aint got nothin to prove
Put down the guns pick up the pens let the kids choose
Let em be doctors, let em be lawyers
Let em make it out the hood let em see tomorrow

[Hook x2: Master P]

[Verse: Romeo]
First I'd like to thank momma for the life that was givin
Got the heart of a lion never needed of prison (uh-huh)
Lost my cousin, now Im [?]
Goin head Jay like prayin to [?]
Got kids in the pent, why they do that cry
Like Queens just stayin in the [?] at line
So much peer fresher, kids smokin weed
I was thought to never follow be the one to lead (yea)
What it been if Frankie died at the age 15 (age 15)
And we never felt the prison of the pin melt kin (pin melt kin)
Life would be a whole lot different no silver rights
Will we still be fightin over black and white
What if, parent days never went to school
I know it would never bit to heart to follow the rules
See, life's a gift we dont choose how we livin (no)
I thank the Lord every night Im still here livin

[Hook x2: Master P]

[Outro: Master P]
Aint nothing wrong wit change
Just think about it
Put the guns down and pick up a pen
You could be killin the next Michael Jordan
The next Oprah Winfrey
The next Bill Cosby
The next Will Smith
The next young child
They could be the next president
Dont hate me
Cuz Im takin a stand
We be alright
If you play you role
You feel me
Befo ya judge that can dip somebody else
Just look in the mirror and ask yourself
What you do
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Letra añadida por: Nesk15

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