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Ruff Confusing



Rather than stealing other peoples sounds
Why don't steal your own?

Should we take off?
We deserve not

(Get closer)
And now for my next number
I'd like to return to the pause

Guys like you do grow on threes
I see you buddy
..sucking my dick!


Sucking my .. remix!

You sick confusing motherfuc*** (x??)

- Ferril, do you copy?
- Standing by
- Perfect, dust off, we're gonna need immediate evac.
- Okay, we're on our way

Sucking strings ..
They're closing in

I see you buddy
..sucking my dick!

Sucking my .. remix!

They're closing in

That's enough Eric.

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* Gracias a shemkasai por haber añadido esta letra el 22/12/2008.

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