Dj Napo

Letra de la canción

Where do we go?
When we feel alone and we need somebody to love
To be in love, is not up to you
I could be all the time

Learning the fears you have inside
'Cause I wanna have your love it, all it, all it, all
I can't find your love

You can live another life
You can live another future
You can even think that I can read your mind
You can think that I'm a star
Only let me breathe and live your life

You can tell me what I feel
If you didn't feel my love
I will never take your love inside of me
Could you show me what I feel?
Only breathe and let me live alone

Why do we know?
When it's time to feel and your love is gone
I want belong it's someone like you
I could be all the time

Letra añadida por: shemkasai (#504)

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