Classics IV Featuring Dennis Y

Letra de la canción

Our guardian star lost all its glow
The day that I lost you
It lost all its glitter the day you said no
And its silver turned to blue

Like him I am doubtful
That your love is true
But if you decide to call on me
Ask for Mr. Blue

I’m Mr. Blue, when you say you love me
Then prove it by going out on the sly
Proving your love isn’t true
Call me Mr. Blue

I’m Mr. Blue, when you say you’re sorry
Then turn around, headed for the lights of town
Hurt me through and through
Call me Mr. Blue

I stay at home at night
Right by the phone each night
But you don’t call and I won’t hurt my pride
Call me Mr. Blue

I won’t tell you
Why you paint the town
A bright red to turn it upside down
I’m painting it too, but I’m painting it blue
I’m Mr. Blue…

Letra añadida por: HANTYL

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