D A P's to the Y
Nah Nah Frickin'
And this is for my DAD!!
Uncle B

Yeah, i don't mean to bore, you know my name
Chill for a second, just hear my pain
If you've lost any loved ones you'll feel what i'm saying
I Ope its peaceful, down there were they lay 'em
When someone you loved, who put you up from the start
Built you up and made you into who you are
Who always believed, saying that you'll be a star
Then all of a sudden they just passed
Dash the reaper from on top of ma wardrobe
Slap *dem crack rocks outa ma mouth*
Put me on stage in front of a crowd
Now we're picking up awards while he's under the ground
My Daddy this and my Daddy that
Well i found mine dead on a couch in ma flat
So much to say, i wish i coulda said bye
The only time i'll talk to him is when i look into the sky


All i've got is these pictures of ya
And your light blue crack down Nokia
Things in my house still smell of ya
All i wanna say is:
Papa if you can hear me...!!
I regret every bad thing that i saaaid
Please forgive me if you hear me...
Never knew how much i loved ya till you was dead...!!
Papa if you can hear me...
If only youuu, knew what you went and done
Please forgive me if you hear me...
See all i know is, i'm proud to be your Son
Papa if you can hear me...

*There Aint a way in the world its how I Thought This Would End Up*
If it wasn't for you B there wouldn't be N-Dubz
Kept us together never knowing we'd end up
Moving onto Mobo's pushing the *benz* up
You pushed and pushed when no-one wanted to believe
but back then it was all a dream
It's like you sacrificed your life
For the love of success *in a* life full of stress
I'm vexed cuz
First they love you, second they hate you
They talked about you, when they tried to play you
Behind your back they were tryna betray you
But B, i never had a chance to repay you
for the things you done for me
Put me on the right path, kept me from steering left
Yeah we had a right laugh
*But Now Im *feeling like Bruce Willis,
each and everyday B i really wanna Die Hard


* Remember Everything That*you said
The fights and the laughter
The success and disasters, No!
But nothing seems clearer..
Than the day you were gone..
You said, despite all the stress
You have to fight to the death
Cuz little girl your a star
Don't let em kill who you are...
You see you gave me a chance
And you look where i am
You are the reason, can't wait to see you again...


N-Dubz, Tealease, i have to say i dropped a tear when i done this shhh..
Like they always say, you dunno what you got till you lose it
Nah Nah Frickin B Yannar i'm gonna fulfill
ya wish and take care of mum's in the yard


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