Ari Koivunen

Letra de la canción

Early in the morning
I'm still wide awake
It's hard to sleep
I'm lying on the floor

Hours keep on rolling
I wonder if I'm late
Gotta get a grip
I'm falling more and more

Have a little faith
Just a little trust in me
I need your belief
To have my relief
To set me free

(coro 2)
Can you hear me calling your name?
I'm trying to reach out to you
Take my hand now
Or fake it somehow
Because I just can't take the truth
Hear me calling your name
I feel I'm depending on you
My heart's bursting out
I scream and I shout
Can you hear my call?

There are moments when I feel so weak
And times when I feel down
But I always fight it back
Can't stand my ground

(coro 1)
(coro 2)

They say that the wounds will never heal
If the scars will remain no matter what you feel
Just live your life, you're awake
Don't give a damn what they say
Higher you climb
Harder you fall
That makes you stronger than all

(coro 1)
(coro 2)(x 2)
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: rasmuscero

Ari Koivunen
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