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Black & White People - Letra

Matchbox 20

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One more day down
everybody has those days
where one soft sweet song's
just enough to clear my head
fall on real life
is anybody left there sane?
if we slide on over and accept fate
then it's bound to be a powerful thing
if it's just that you're weak
can we talk about it
it's gettin' so damn creepy
just nursing this ghost of a chance
the fiction, the romance
and the technicolor dreams
of black and white people
One boy head strong
thinks that living here's just plain
he's pushed down so hard
you can hear him start to sink
and it's one last round of petty conversation
you hold on boy cuz
you won't go down like this?
just roll on over
lay down till it's more than you can take
So one more day down
and everybody's changin'
one more head down
just enough to reach my head
(chorus 2x)

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