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Horie Yui

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Be for you, Be for me

I'm aching for something
Because I just realised it
In a town where everyone rushes about
I tried walking a little slower
The wish I can't tell, I want to make it with you
Sometimes when I want to cry, I close my eyes and think TRY
But you're here, and I wish for love
At any time, I want your heart to be by my side
That's why I'm here, I'm looking for love
If we're together, we'll change tears into kindness
The dream will surely come true

Where you were, what you were doing
I'm always thinking about you
I'm taking the blue sky of today
To make the colour of our commemoration
My voice won't say the prayer even though I want to be there
Even with broken hearts, people grow strong and oppressive WHY
You're here, and I wish for love
A miracle that will only go on for us
And I'm here, looking for love
From now on, together we start walking
To the endless future

Forever, you'll be here wishing for love
The only one for me is you
I'm over there, looking for love
For an instant a depressing moment shines
Surely just for us.

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