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Danger Man


Ganster for life (en inglés)

wa ...
Leaving the instrumental running
let quitame shirt da crew
What was the problem here? ah ...
EAI ... wa ...


extra extra latest news
are looking for danger man
designed to sell soy kilo murderer
I want to arrest

listen to them very well what I say
chi chi chi chi chi me I will not laugh
I know very well that everyone thinks I
but I swear to be dying chi chi
Serious another station
so I sent the plate to gild
so have cuidao with any producer
that you can turn off the engine fuc***


me out of darkness
where I was treated badly
now in the clear
Now I feel good
if they think of running
I will stop
with infrared
then find the
buay not been done bad back pa
one day leave well alcatras
I have seen many ups
and believe they have the power
but I disparare
and when I fall vere
I will say that the power
God has
and we should know


I am not Julio Sabala
but you give a concert bullet
There are explosive bullets
bullet necessary silver bullets
bullets saves all kill you
no te saves, save
Ask to save

you the crew
the only offender
that the bridge is pulled
I'm in Chancleta
EAI you ...

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Danger Man

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