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1, 2, 3, 4... Do It!


[Verse 1:]
Ok I Step Up In The Club I See Em Look At Me
I Must Be Water But Women Drown When They Look At Me
Court Is Now In Order Baby Girl Throw Dat Book At Me
I'll Do Life O Make You My Wife
I Could Be Ya Blanket Baby Girl Im Your Security
Underneath The Blanket Is Gonna Be A Conspiracy
Offer Me To Mannage By Takin Off Ya Panties But
I'll Do Life If I Touch His Wife
Do She Wanna Get Right So We Do It All Night To Woman Is Like...
On My Mic. Its A 1, 2, Check Check For A Sound Like... Right
Now She Ready To Spit If Shecould Swallow Her Pride
Then She Could Swallow On This.
I Tell Her Hop Up In The Merceal I'll Gorve, Hit The Radio And
(Pump That Bass!)


[Verse 2:]
The Rims May Offend You On The Shit I Slide Into
F*** You... Hang Out To The Deser Till You Be Cool

[Cough] Hole Dug Of Pistols Roll By The Cops And
(Pump That Bass) Sittin In The Corner Lookin Like
A Owner Talkin To The Owner Yea My Price Blown Up.
All In The Strip Club Never Get A Boner
Only Get Hard But Dope! I'm Homer And You're A Simp-Son
And I'm Pimp-Son And She Ain't Commin
To The Crib Till Her Friend Come.
We Gettin Money Over Here You Need To Get Some
Out Comes The Cold Still From My Income.
Outside Work It Take If Ya Mouth Run.
Southside Where I'm From Thats Where Ya Bitch Come.
Yea Baby I Pedal Tha Floors Up In On The Inner Doors.
Im Gonna (Pump That Bass)


[Verse 3:]
What You Know About Jeans From Japan Hand Made With The Brand
On The Seem Of The Pants And The Steam In The Seam Of The Pants
Also And The Steam Letter Beam On So Dont Go Nowhere Got Plenty
More Here And Tehre
The Shoes I Wear You Dont Own A Pair
Get It Clear Like A Mirror
That's Why Ya Girlfriend Stare
Just Been Elected To Presidencear
Cheer Cheers....Tangeringe, Tequila, No Beers
Yea I Like This Here
With Ciara On The Track Is Music To My Ears
Thats When I Go To Tha Store And I Ask For A Philly
If They Dont Have A Philly I Ask For A Swisher
If They Dont Have A Swisher I Ask For...
That's When I Ask For... Thats When I Ask For A Dutcheyyy...
I Ask For A Dutcheyyy... They Got To Have A Dutcheyyy...
I Dont Smoke Crack But I Do Smoke Dutcheyyys

[Lil Wayne Talking:]
Lil Mama Over There Say She Gon F*** Me
But, But Naw She Can't Touch Me
Cuz My Girl Is Lookin Way Good

Lil' Wayne



Letra añadida por:
Hector(Hip Hop)

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