Lil' Wayne


[Lil Wayne]
Right Off The Back
Man The Boy Got Dollars
So Woman Come Frequent Like, Flight Mileage
It Aint No Secret Uhh
I Might Holla
But Aint Gon Sweat Ya Baby
Ima Let Ya Catch Up Wit Yo Gang
Run Faster
Dont Let Em Lose Ya Cause I Aint Gon Bless Ya
Unless Ya Fell A Little Desperate
Send A Nigga A Text Message Girl

Stop! Wait A Minute

The Way You Move That Girl You Dun Got My Heart All In It
And I Just Want To Be With You Tonight
Girl Please Imma Playa Yea Its True
But I Changed The Game For You
I Want To See Wat It Do

Can I Be 4real
This Is How I Feal
Im In Need Of Love
So Lets Dip Up Out Of Here
Ohh You Just My Type
Everything So Right
But I Just Want To Chill
So Lets Dip Up Out Of Here, Lets Dip Up Out Of Here

Ha Ha Ha Haa Haaa
Shes Fine Too But I Want You [x2]

Ill Admit It
This Just Aint No Game These Just Aint Words That Im Spitting
If You Could See The Thoughts Thats In My Head(Thats In My Head)
Im Tripping
Ima Playa Yea Its True
But I Changed The Game For You
I Want To See Wat It Do


[Lil Wayne]
Chea Weezy F Baby
The Key To The Ladies, Keys To The Cedes
But Please Save The Baby
Weed And Petrone, Even In The Am
We Should Be Alone We Could Get A Day In
You Like Wat Im Saying Then Come Around The Way, And
We Could Go Inside And Stay In
And Tell A Homeboi You Staying
You'Ve Been Taken, Go On
Turn Me On And Mama Turn Him (Yahh)
You Know I Love You Like Cook Food
You Know You Fuc*** Wit A Good Dude
You Know You Give Good Brain Like You Graduated From A Good School
You Know Ima Good Move You Should Do, Me
So Hey Shawty What It Is
The Carter Who It Is
And Shawty Do It Big
A Party At My Crib
Thats A Party In The Hills
You Call It What You Want But She Gon Call You When She Feel. (Oww)


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