Canción 'Apocryphal heart' interpretada por Mastifal

Apocryphal heart Letra y Canción


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APOCRYPHAL HEART es una canción de Mastifal.


'Apocryphal heart'

feel my own mind fall to pieces
Relics of my past life, a thousand burning specters
Isolating my grief, caustic virus of my dark decades

The voice of confusion may change the end...

I keep neglecting my damn present
Amid a thousand shadows of dark walls
My disdain pleases my lifeless soul
Some kind of peace in me, the calm of the unsubstantial

I sense the sorrow deep in my veins
The pain of martyrs immolated
Under my skin, my mistakes consume me
The best of me is gone all the same

The voice of confusion may change the end
Losing all sense of reality
Listening to my apocryphal heart