Canción 'Beneath the cross of hate' interpretada por Mastifal

Beneath the cross of hate Letra y Canción


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BENEATH THE CROSS OF HATE es una canción de Mastifal.


'Beneath the cross of hate'

All the same through time, growing up in alliance with hate
Ignoring the passing away of your days
No law, no god, dispossessed of faith in pain

Your days are marked right to the bone
Satan instills the deepest fear in your core
Wretched corpses with artificial famine
Ignore your yearning for equality

Eternal paths of unknown destinations
Each dawn becomes your funeral
The cross crushed you with nothing left to lose
Your animal instinct is what keeps you still on your feet

You breathe hate 'cause hatred filled the air
Deep within your womb, fate is whispering
This cold reality has frozen your soul
Life devours you with her lethal jaws

In acid dreams you are reborn
The devil passed on you the evil gene
He bids you help yourself to the black poison
His deadly goblet blinds you again