Letra de la canción

the same acecino

up to the crime

mambo tonight tonight I'm gonna give you mambo
we go to war pure time rambo
pa present you let the black sambo and enjoy y. ..

The assasine

I do not want to be your boyfriend (nooo)
I do not want to be your friend (nooo)
Neither your husband (nooo)
I cannot put back as front pa (X2)

you notice the speck felipe
templao such as Toyota Yanta
I have a tack that exploits cuidao
we get to war boots
I'm you're shakira madonna
if you get to the beach everything explodes
I was not afraid but I have these big
you know I like to eat lobster on the coast

Chorus (3X)

I smell that you love me without papers
and I have to give carnations
arranges the table glasses and tablecloths
let's do a few things and teach you on TV
I am not a millionaire
as ......
but I go to restaurants and hotels
I will come after me or call me or Celes
I have my women me and my modele

The assasine

..!!( chorus X2)

you do not exceed this pace and in their dreams

Japaneese the same acecino

up to the crime!

Letra añadida por: snake eater (#4.978)

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