Letra de la canción

dj boss
the murderer
It is like the weather fall, winter and spring it
Time is a woman
the murderer

she is a woman temporarily
up to the crime!

she is a woman that when the temporary cold weather changes (cold)
she is a woman when the weather storm
other changes are usually cold bed does not comply
2 is not enough
his body and make a nice auction (x2)

up to the crime!
It puts lipstick and rouge
and at 12 at night becomes
algarete hoping that the first soquete
pa climb to get the tickets
ahy and no woman in the street to her the rete
f*** you do not play it and pick pa
it takes money to Jampa to Ganster
and does not care if your child has pamper.

ahy is that some who need to do for a living comes easily
they do by taking advantage of your belongings
or something of that ahy through convenience
ahy others in the streets are not
the sale ahy other sex and love
often do
cosecuencia no matter what their neglijencia
Mommy love is not for money or fame

Chorus (x2)

I do not intend to offend you, but what now dire
will dolerte the charges that your reputation is not
Decent now you 're not worthy
walking straight
is a snake and does not care to people
which will lend or give him is not enough
the chemical that contaminates
in the environment
That's how everyone says
do not realize that she alone is the cause
that the relationship between partner
Today he likes to fail as you do not mind
is pleased to talk about it
and to degrade it is not important

original fat
the murderer

llora llora duck (3)

Letra añadida por: snake eater (#4.978)

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