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Eriksson is at war
Don, Don, Don
Don Omar has to be given
Don, Don, Don
do you know how we do
dale, dale don dale
pa 'q no way to steal it.

There q drop jackals
and where resvale psycho and returns
and dale, dale don dale
Paq no way to rove
q jackals are released
and where resvale
Leonsito give me your not talking about
aki if pistoleo in Guatemala
q there is motroseo rioja
are seeking the way
faltameosi of probelma and if something is missing
and we went the julata pal perreo

when you spend Guatemala
cobraste get all your money and never sang
DJ rovaste him all your money
q pork vigor was not a chat
huviera been if I'm going to your home
you play your door and kill you and cat
by rat saves as aki q q passes in
Guatemala either kills you

Dale. dale don dale
pa q no way to rove
q must let the jackals
and where resvale
Eriksson returns
and dale, dale don dale
pa q no way to rove
q must let the jackals
and where resvale
Leonsito dale

I am not talking about your pistoleo
If here and Guatemala
what there is is motroseo
are on the way buscade problem faltameo
we went was acovardaque pal perreo

I! I do not mash crack
if I Suve andalusia caruaje later I get nose
became wild with high voltage
I am doing what I'm going to wear it down
mariano tirandole as the rubber
wanted war takes and takes
your timber is full of calcoma
wanted Vala takes and takes

Eriksson is at war
jajaja don don no forgiveness
and saves you? look at this is what we have
sandungueo, perreo, hey don omar
Guatemalans are not respected a relaxation
do you know how we do.
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: snake eater (#4.978)

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