Goddess Of Desire

Letra de la canción

United We Stand Devided We Fall
Metal Forever!!!
Hear The War-Gods Cry For Metal
Metal Forever!!!
This Music Means Something We Do Understand
Metal Forever!!!
The Power And Force To Be Under Command
Looking Like Freaks We Just Don't Care
Studs And Spikes And Raving Long Hair
We Will Stay Metal Till Our Last Breath
Don't Try To Change Us It Will Mean Your Death
Metal Forever! It's All We Need
This Keeps Us Together A Fire To Feed

Metal Forever Forever Metal!!!
Metal Forever Forever Metal!!!

Let's Stick Together Devided We Fall
And Bang All Together Our Heads To The Wall
We Raise Our Fist On The Loud-Pounding Sound
And Make The Sign Of Evil The Filth Hades Hound
This Keeps Us Together In Times That Are Rough
Stronger Than Ever We Can Stay Tough


The Names On Our Jackets Where We Stand For
It Makes Us True Metal And Nothing More
The Clothes On Our Body Still Are The Same
As 20 Years Back When Heavy Metal Came
Denim And Leather We Wear It Proud
We Know All The Lyrics And Shout Them Out Loud



We Only Like Metal Can't Hear Something Else
We Get The Force From This Music From Hell
We Listen To Records Nobody Can Stand
Yes That's The Sound Of A True Metal Band
We Meet At The Parties And Concerts Around
Our Brothers In Battle For A True Metal Sound


True Metalheads Of All Nations Worldwide
Take Up Thy Swords And Let's Start This Fight
Trendies And Whimps Get Out Of Our Scene
Hardcore F*** Off You Know What I Mean
We Battle Together Under This Banner
The Metal Way Of Life That's Our Manner



Letra añadida por: Hector(Hip Hop) (#305)

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