Watchout! There's Ghosts

You can have him.
ive got the only part of you
that will matter.
he's just a fix to get you through.
held hostage, no bail, no ransom, to frail,
starving theres no healing dried out there's no bleeding

what have you did what have you done with the girl that i once loved.

whats left for you to lose, you gave it all away so soon.
hear all about the lies you spill night after night
exchanging your body as you once did with mine.

am i the one to blame for your dreams
do you ever wake at night and scream
call out my name pretend he's me
whoa oh oh oh pretend for me

how could you think i would believe your as real as the green
on the leaves

you can have him one night.
fuente: musica.com

Watchout! There's Ghosts

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