Josh Golden

Letra de la canción

I don't know how to say this
But I swear I saw it coming
Not much of a surprise
When you looked me in the eyes
And said sit down, so we sat down

And the worst fall for me was
The best fall for you and
I can't hold it in
I'm just not that strong

(Cause I fall down and you fall out
Of love with me
And everything we used to be
And I can't say, that I’m ok
When my heart breaks in two
For you
1,2,3 and it's over)


And I can't believe I'm saying this
What a waste
That I never would've met you
cause we were here
And now you're there
Oh no I need breath now
Can we sit down
And I can't pretend,like you pretend
You know you are
You've always been


So show me your tears if your really crying
you know i deserve to know
So show me your fears if your really dying
You know i deserve better




And it's over

And it's over

fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: Nely_92

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