Bi Rain

By your side again,
Your tiredsome image
Just by looking at your eyes,
I think I know
That person is giving you a hard time again Yea~

Not that person by your side
Standing next to you right now,
There is no room for me Why~
At least for a second Yea~

Holding your small hand,
Walking down this street,
Can’t you see my heart that wants to do this
Girl, I’m right before your eyes
Yet you still don’t know/see me

In your tears, In your heart, In your words
I know they’re only filled with that person
In my eyes, In my mind, it’s only you.
I can’t stop looking towards you
In your memories, A part of my heart in your diary
I want them to be filled with me
My days, my heart is filled with only you
Please look at my heart Oh~Oh~

I’d rather want you to have a difficult time,
Tired of crying because of that person
My image is hidden by tears
If only you can see me Yea~

Your sad image
I can make you laugh

You are tired of this
That person doesn’t look into your heart,
Only looks down on you


Does the person next to you have to be him?
I can make you laugh more than he can
If I become like that person, then will you look at me?
Everyday, he makes you cry,
He hurts you
Tell me what it is that you like about him
If you want, I can do anything for you
Please get to know what kind of person I am Oh.

Bi Rain

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