Letra de la canción

Do you hear that sweet beat that is calling?
It's attracting me far and beyond
It's the sound of the power controlling
Music's the language of z'universe

It's the thunder and lightning so strong
Runes right through me to tickle all my toes
Went once there now I can't let go
All of it's power fed m'unhappy soul

In this rave
Where the piramide rules
With the lights that are flashin'
All the people laughin'
Dancin' to the music
Jammin' to the groove

In this rave
Where the piramide rules
There's a party pumpin'
Dj's doing the thumpin'
Brain is gonna stop
Ma' heart can't even stop
In this rave

Ohh, will it be gone tomorrow
Hoping next week I'll find it
Standing right there to fight my sorrow and
Ohh, it's like being yourself
No critics bashing my mind
This night'll be long, it's so damn fine

(You said you wanted it)
(Well, you got it)
(Uh, see me coming)

Once I heard a sweet beat that was calling
Called my friends to follow this lovely song
Now we're here the night is so long
Can't get us out 'cause this is our house

Letra añadida por: shemkasai (#504)

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