Letra de la canción

I gonna, gotta, gonna
To step up, step up, step up
I don’t right,don’t right,don’t right
for play up,play up,play up
I make have,make have,make have
everything my life,I misunderstand and all it’s now

I’ll tell you a feeling about us
and after I’ll do all it’s well that’s right

in your new school,a high school
you’ll get sure right new friends
your life will be ok, and smooth
this is the life where all is forever
same then is so and all’s enjoy for
For everything make, and all it’s well (chorus)

I’ll tell you a new thing ‘bout us
And after I’ll do all it’s best that’s right

In your new life, a high life
you won’t find bad feelings
to your,to your friends so why?
will have one girl for you then for me
If you don’t know taking advantage now
And everything all it’s well (chorus)

Come on!! Now it’s time of trust in yourself
Desanimation!! a new girls for you,gonna arrive for me
a new life!! So up, let it go by all go, c’mon now it’s well
please you’d trust in me,you to me,believe
and on,and on,again and again it’s well

I must,I must,I must
to do,to do,to do
when in this own world
everybody’s party coming up
I’ll be there,I’ll be there
for you when there’s problem
you could trust in me,could’ve everything be well

I will,will do,will do
my life,my life,my life
More easy, easy, easier
And no longer says anything
I’m outta,I’m outta,outta
everybody tells me that
I might to make to do
and make it all that’s right

and everything this will be it’s well
to go 26 times to favorite place
where you’ll be one more time the best
but although all,and everything
where no one could cry,to crying for the friends

I go-tta,gotta,gotta
my play it’s now
to step on,step out,step up
I don’t play on you,like me,like it,like this
everything my life,I misunderstand and all it’s now
everything myself,I understand and it’s entire well
it’s’s’s fine,right,good,nice,great

I don’t have, don’t have, don’t have
Everything my life, I misunderstand and all its now,yeah!!!

Letra añadida por: yo_mmh36

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