Cuanto me das
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CUANTO ME DAS es una canción de Cuarto Universo.


Cuanto me das (en inglés)

Have problems with people shouting boot and more
careful with the cars because death speaks languages
that immigrants do not come I have fear
I was not throwing up was swallowing my fingers

talk to my desk
you would be kind enough to get on that post
colgadme and cable tv
noo . good
dear mama I'm like saying goodbye
while not as my batt yells ( feed me )
ai I was at the well
when I get a gentleman gave me a bear hug
( Maldadoso )
hello just watching you take time
I have the perfect way to help
aaah ! ?
you scared because both
You look a little dry
I give you million
and passport cheko
Think about it and you guy help me peace gift
already thought Knight
by the liver as you give me
chorus :
As soon as you give me give me
As soon as you give me give me
As soon as you give me give me
As soon as you give me give me

okei soi I presented the doctor acargo place
the operation is the removal of the organ to amputate
first by each member paid money
prices that we are valence
between a kidney and its appearance
and if I do not want
Count the red you inject morphine
full of anger
I spit curtains sacaria both eyes
but my eyes never more shall see the sool
then you soak in the Koran
and I call jeim or interpool
Feel quiet but no trouble at home
aqi not run insurance
and I assure you not fonasa
it does not matter your race
ask what you have inside
I make a discount not remember anything like element
nonono yoyoyo
sorry these boarding
and these heights pa
your body does not cure alla
you feel cedado
if you feel disgusted do not worry is the medicine
anger your teeth in a jar and lungs in the window


I had to choose between doctor and nurse
My name is James Lomb think ke ke Visit babe
the stretcher, anesthesia vein
ten thousand and three tenfold pumping rate for life
nono avrelo each gets 50 %
that wave does ke ke as we know it
chh value of time
'm Turkish , I bright I like saving
my girl chooses to be , well, tip
you are vindictive , I'm anesthetist
I 'm the mule , contusista hall
buy apartment, red car , expensive rap
pal pair free pass
when I want to ahem
I knew how to do wolf face give Tupiza
when you were asleep
by bold
look, look
look at me is James
( James the famous virgins eat sistem . )


My job is not as complicao but a tip:
see you confused with a rabbit
but leave me your ear
do not complain , clean hallway
after collecting the remains of a child
my fingers do not spin , roll up a papelillo
clean the floor would
at the end of each day
going down the stairs and I could notice
was presented was called Carlos
opened a black briefcase
he was looking for a brain
Marlon Brandon as the
Doctor responds Belem
here has no where
work are not real
Fredes surprised by the good and then sell
I apologize to no one fears cleaning assistant
túmbame cleanse your shed call me Mr. 'M'
Mr. James Seek him a kidney
remember when hospitals clean days
working on a song
are almost seven and that patient is going
child go through this and you sir as I do ...


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