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Pinky Ring


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Pinky Ring

(feat. Chad Butler, Kristi Floyd)

You ain't never seen, how a pimp be oh so clean
Fly women and fancy thangs, fly bitches and pinky rangs

You ain't never seen, how a pimp be oh so clean
Fly women and fancy thangs, fly bitches and pinky rangs
You ain't never seeeeeeeeeeeen
A pimp that's rollin this clean, oh yeahhhhh

[Pimp C:]
You ain't never met a ni*** like Pimp C hoe
'Fore you come into my room take off your shit at the do'
If you comin to my hotel then you came to f***
And if you fuc*** with a Pimp then bitch your game is up
If your bitch get mad when you play this talk
Put her ass out on the highway, make that bitch walk
I ain't make this shit, f*** this shit old
You need to stop treatin these bitches like ladies
and these nice ladies like hoes
Standin on the front row, man this hoe a trip
She done opened up her legs and let me scope the pu*** lips
Later on tonight, I'ma get behind her
I hope this bitch don't act like Pimp C care for no vagina


[Bun B:]
Well you can catch me shoppin, checkin out the hoes boppin
Choppin up game to keep 'em lap hoppin
Pop in to the {?} show-stoppin
Proppin up a wheel and maybe ass droppin
Breakin haters off can't be mistaken for fakin
Fools are the ones left shakin, flakin
Marijuana deals with Jamaicans
Bakin up the powder to a fat cake an'
Mashin from the scene almost crashin, flashin
Cop lights keep a player dashin
Cash-in, on the crack course, paper stashin
With a passion for high-priced fashion
My dang clothes and my eighty-fo's clanky
God thank ye, motherfuc*** actin cranky
Stanky, attitudes be janky
I think he, gon' hafta feel the sting from the rang on my panky

[Intro + Chorus]

[Bun B:]
Think I ain't heavy strokin, you must be jokin
Tokin, on some shit I don't even be smokin
That coke and, marijuana got yo' ass loc'n
Croakin, sleepin motherfuc*** 'til they woken
I'm still crunk at five in the mornin'
Why yo' ass yawnin? I'm flowin 'til the crack of dawn an'
Laughin as ya pawn ya posessions
Yes it's been worldwide tested
Showin off my diamond investments

[Pimp C:]
A bitch, ain't shit to a pimp
A twenty ounce steak and some fried side of shrimp
A 600 S's, now the 6 drop
Everything I ride original no kits on them chops
18 inch Lorenzos, Yokohama tires
When I ride by all them bitches get they pu*** all on fire
Bitches say I highside, hoe it ain't no thang
Y'all just blinded by the diamonds the Pimp the pinky rang

[Intro + Chorus: x2 with ad lib talking over]

[Outro: UGK]
Whassup Rick, yeah, hold up hold up
What's up Greek, whassup
Goodie Mob, Organized Noise, Geto Boys knahmtalkinbout
OutKast, you know Atlanta in the house
Jackson in the house and Memphis in the house
New Orleans in the house, hold up
Man I'm comin down like that, comin down like that
Comin down like this, I'm comin down like this
Comin down like that, comin down like that, hold up, hold up
Huh, hollerin at the Boys off Botany (the Boys off Botany)
Dem boys off Scott, dem boys on the Scott
Hollerin at the boys, hold up man, hold up
Talkin 'bout the South, talkin 'bout Screw
Talkin 'bout the North, I'm talkin 'bout the North
Talkin 'bout the East, I'm talkin 'bout the West
Talkin 'bout the West... [fades out]

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