[Chorus: x2]
The east to the west
Up north to the down south
Live wires connect
So if you swangin' on thangs
(Keith Murray, UGK and oh my Lord Jamar)
Or down to gangbang, or waitin' on the train
It's still the same thang

You cut your mind and your body with the rhyme and the shotty
Go and find me or hidin', with wine and Bacardi
Get down like John Gotti then I gotta get lost
I'm gone in the wind
My momma keep on tellin' me there's Bun in the sin
I guess I'm hell-bound destined
To learn my lesson, sess in my chestin'
It burn but I keep on puffin, no bluffin'
They don't call me Big Bun for nothin'
No homeboys you come dead, well put em to rest
Bumba clocks em all dead, wit two in his chest
Botty bwoy you come dead, and if in all die
Will you run dead em again? Well go on buddy let em fly
That's how it is in my city, and your city
Sir it gets no prettier just more gritty per capita, all around
From the five boroughs on down to the mighty Bro town


Now watch this current rock it current for a sentence
For a triple homicide, cripple any drama that reside in the mind
Of those livin' outside of my state line
Let em know we all the same kind
With the same crimes, catchin' the same time, which translates to hang time
Organized gangs slangin' dime
Lord Jamar is black G-zuz, I sees this
Everywhere I go, brothers hustlin' to make the doe
Fast or slow, ya want to see your cash grow
Like grass, but meanwhile take a blast of the el
And let the smell resonate, never hesitate
When it comes to puttin' food on your plate
Devise schemes by all means
Like a sunrise when it beams, keep your eyes on the cream
Live wires on the team Connect, get respect for they realness
I know you feel this


Uhh, now who that tryin ta claim they be thumpin'
That's only when your funky little fake tape be bumpin'
You can catch a square and get done unfair
Because aah, I'll be there, I'll be right there
Cocoa butter, got that, make em all for
Real life hustler movie maker, I know how y'all feel
But long as I'm alive I'ma do the right thing
And block out this stress my past criminal life might bring
The only way I use to nip it in the bud
Was ta try and put some bullets in some of you joker's guts
I got victims, G it ain't about the face you make
It's all about the place you take between yourself and snakes
Now everybody open up your arms for the cocoa-
Mr.Former Football Player-ex drug dealer-gold digger-
Killer with scrilla, they be missin' me with the bomb breakin'
'Cause I gets busy like no cornwheat


I'm tryin' ta stack paper, these pigs can't stand me
It's all about my family, it's all about my candy
It's all about the crush, all about the feelin' good
All about the rush, all about us, the first family
Somethin' that a young fool never really planned to be
But funny situations, do bring change
And young fools do out here in this wicked game
That's how I'm gon' starve when fools eatin' steak
Man, I can't stop now, too much money out here to make
Now you could turn your nose up and you can suck your teeth
But I gotta get this money, ain't nobody gonna get it for me
And I might have to do shady things
Stick up kid all out, no shame
Run your rings, ear ring in change
Don't make me give it to ya 'cause it ain't no thang
I do it for the glory man, cuff the thangs
I gotta let em hang, I'm stuck in '87 tryin' to regain my brain
Too many undercovers know my name
A phone line like fire 'cause I'm a live wire


Who is this with malicious onslaughts?
Keith Murray, UGK and oh my Lord Jamar
And we bustin' on all you losers
Ridin' twenty-deep in two black Land Cruisers
Recognize or get paralyzed with the drum
Where I'm from they promise you a fair one, then blast you with the gun
And everybody standin' around like it's funny
Junior L.O.D pickin' your pockets for your money
The checkered, I slide off and make a funky record about it
No more than four minutes and some seconds
And live wire connected, from my peoples on the street who respect it
And the jeeps, hoopties, Benz and Lexus
My squad stretches from New York to Portland to Texas
Let's see who's next to test this
Some herbs, ready to get their heads served
To the hard curb



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