Still Ridin' Dirty de UGK

Still Ridin' Dirty


'Still Ridin' Dirty' se estrenó en 2007. Este canción está incluida en el disco 'Underground Kingz'

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Still Ridin' Dirty

(Feat. Scarface)

Pimpin' hoes slammin' Cadillac doors
Shawty understand this is how we roll
Parkin lot pimpin' on fo's
VA to H Town yeah you already know
Choppin' on blades so amazing
Look at them boys teeth thats crazy
The lean in the weed got us lazy
Yellow boppers is boppin' but you already know

Straight out the south with my nuts in my hand
Its the Swisha House the Third Coast the state of Texas thats my land
Whos the man thats in demand
Its Paul Wall baby yeah thats me
I put it down on that gulf bank but now i reside on that south beach
And im hustlin on the grind 72
Hours straight
No time to eat or sleep im slangin' licks and that just won't wait
Im campaignin for a new Benz
On the rims with bubble lenz
Im stackin' every dollar i see 100s 50s 20s and 10s
Doors open doors close never sweat hoes playas get yo's
Hustle and flow cars clothes thats the playa like that i know
Roll the dank up where the dro?
Pour the drank up where the fo's
Stackin money all on the low and we still ridin dirty


Got a drop top on them rollerskates
Candy jolly rancher paint
Enjoyin the spoils of hard work and grind more tryin to get bank
I dont know what them boys thinkin my motivation is benjamin franklin
Im tryin to maintain this wealth that i been calculatin
Gettin money thats all i know
On my toes never off my note
Woodgrain and hundred spokes i wave the trunk just like a pro
I grind its off to work i go I hustle hard its no stop
And if i flop i switch to hustle
I learned the game then set up shop
Im strivin' to make it to the top
Its all or nothin no turnin back
Im with them boys out on the block
Accumulating them paper stacks
Im makin money this where its at
Whatever it takes crack or jack
In love with my money and thats a fact


[Paul Wall: Talking]
Right now we got the 5th wheel reclinin
Trunk popped up screens fallin from the sky
Candy paint sprayed by eddie and im ridin on that glassy chrome
all courtesy of my hustle game

Real hustlin's in my blood line
I dont complain or whine
I just get on my grind puttin in work overtime
I learned over time any hustle or any grind whatever it takes to make
a dime I keep that paper on my mind
I was born blind but now i see that road to riches
Its a long road full of hurdles potholes and ditches
Norv Freeman taught me keep it movin when you take a loss
And Chad Butler taught me keep it trill at all costs
I peep game from the best and since then i been playin chess
I put in work with no rest
To get that paper thats my quest
Im on the slow grind towards success
One of the best 'cause i keep it fresh
Im one hundred isnt nothin less


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