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And the winds will lay us to rest
you'll have your life with nothing to show for it
the floods will pull us in undertow
cleanse the earth of the blood of our pasts
we will live to see the drough of the seas
nothing ever lasts
bear witness to the global demise
the polar icecaps melt and fire mars the sky
the antidote for the anecdote of our time
the answer to the question of why is
why not
loss of life in record time
these events are near you see the signs
brace yourself you cannot hide
no survivors
millions of people die
why would you run from it
you'd have your life with nothing to show for it
your entire world is gone
everything that you knew
riding the road of evolution
towards an imminent obstruction
the inevitable truth
of complete destruction
riding the road towards global disaster
natures immunity
to the plague which destroys it's surface
the plague of humanity
it spreads like disease with a voracious appetite
to control all we see
volcano eruption
populace reduction
total world destruction
due to our corruption of our planet
mother will fight back, and cause us all the pain
that we have dealt to her time and time again

Letra añadida por: sadistico 666 (#8.120)

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