Once Only Imagined - Business Suits And Combat Boots

Business Suits And Combat Boots

The Agonist


Business Suits And Combat Boots Letra

Does history guide you, or do you set out to change it?
Breach not broken

F*** your...
Skinned- alive designer wear
Fashion shades and salon hair
Heels to help where nature failed
Artificial teeth and nails

The wasp's nest expands

So clap your hands! It's her!
The one black woman who's success you don't credit to Affirmative Action
The way of the future is corporate sponsors raising your kids
Maternal love is nothing compared to what $7 gives
Put in, suck out plastic body parts
It's the ever-growing industry of cosmetic arts!
Bombarded with the idealized shots, dysmorphic, self-destructive plots

Physical flaws are a mental blank

So pay your surgeons
It’s your parents you should thank

These eyes are blind to several hundred left behind
(Lest we forget again)
But the border is breached but not broken
Who tries to find the several hundred left behind,
When the border is breached but not broken?

Go-existing in a twisted society
Where youth is a crime and wasteful sweat-shops expenditures are how luxury is defined
Now the KKK has found a new masquerade
F*** your self-proclaimed supremacy
You hide your face and your shame!

Identify right and wrong when all fact is merely opinion
You cannot know the sweetness of victory without first dwelling in the agony of defeat


Datos de esta canción

BUSINESS SUITS AND COMBAT BOOTS es una canción de The Agonist del año 2007, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Once Only Imagined. Agradecemos a darkane_666 por haber sudido la letra de Business Suits And Combat Boots.