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Now what we doin? Smokin' sticky sticky, damn right! (x9)

I blow kush, but when i blow my kush my kush blow tight
Smokin' purp, burnin' orange, we just don't f*** with white.
Sippin' lean, sista' mean, mary-j on my teen
Smokin' teen tokin' bean, ole pimp all on my scene
There go twelve straight up gon smell that shit gone make you white.
Shitt'n me not today two hits of that shit gon take me away
super mango wanna tango, aka wanna break yo ankles.
eyes wrankled smokin chockin put up yo middle finga.
sippin yack, wippin that, some trippin smokin that
two puffs the kush disrespect i bet it grab yo back,
go smoke the shit that make you say yo man what the f*** was that,
put up yo lighta blaze the fire and keep rollin fat.

no what we doin? Smokin' sticky sticky damn right(x9)

Smoke purple, on da weekend, big blunts that, cheif'n
Fat stacks that, countin.
fifth wheel on the back bend
24's stop n they spin.
let da dro blow threw da wind.
so you pop a match,one then.
sam grabs that didnt put in.
well you aint smokin' my friend.
blunt stays right n my hand.
my green just came in.
somebody way back then.
now hit this way back then.
found out they started rappin.
they smell the haze when it come to beat get the gun store trappin.
wont the camp stay snappin,
2 4 7 10 back then.
but the fire on the acid or weed and hell ta just breathe in
i said
wont the camp stay snappin
2 4 7 10 back then.
but the fire or the acid or weed and hell ta just breathe in.
now what we doin? smokin' sticky sticky,damn right (x9)

burn it down burn it,
smokin' sticky sticky.
burn it down burt it

Letra añadida por: Hector(Hip Hop) (#305)

Dj Unk
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