Ultramagnetic MCs

Ain't It Good 2 U - Letra

Ultramagnetic MCs

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[Ced Gee:]
Yeah! Ultramag, it's Ultramag
Ced Gee, Kool Keith - let's go
Check it

Turned on your switch
Let's go ma, make me twitch
Get raw ma, collect these chips
It's yours ma, you got the gift
Work my stick, make it stick
Don't stop now, do the split
Keep makin moves
Get your dance on, show and prove
It's a marathon, do the do
Get your wiggle on
And shake your bon-bon, shake your bon-bon
You at it again - go, go
Make it clap - slow, slow
Jiggle it baby, oh so graciously
Let it flow, you such a pro
On the roll, 'bout to blow
We gon' take your show on the road
And make it happen
Let your body rock, see us clappin
Just drop - now ain't it good to you?

Now ain't it good to you? [x4]

[Kool Keith:]
Girl get up, pump your butt, hit the pole
Dollar bill fold, don't handcuff she chose
My picture on her painted toes
Baltimore to Fillmore
Girl around the table think I'm from the Orioles
Slide in hit her from the side like Kim Park in the pros
My cum wet your tonsils
Bernard behind the consoles
I let Keyshia Coles see me on the toilet when I drop loads
They come with pants on
Your difference is surprising in the winter when slacks froze
I gave you the leftovers, I put Pam in your rolls
Now ain't it good to you?

Now ain't it good to you? [x2]

[Ced Gee:]
Ma dance and move, feel the groove, look at dudes
Ma, you look sweet in your shoes
Work the bottom, work the top
Ma your weave thorough, don't look like a mop
You play what you got, you lookin hot
You collectin crazy dollars up in the spot

[Kool Keith:]
Pump pump pump pump me up~!
Soup me up, girls get your cat and scoop me up
The Shaggy raggy nature chick, in the Mystery Machine
Girl rock a thong like Daphne
Women cars pull me over to sign bras!
That's what they askin me
Little girls fightin to take my picture
Your mom think I'm Greg Anthony
Ain't it good to you?

Now ain't it good to you? [x8]