Ultramagnetic MCs


[Ced Gee]
Yo, it's time to reach and seek and speak to each
about the beast, that needs to be teach
Cause in this world today we have problems
We must work hard, together to solve them
Word up, that's on the real tip
And this is real shit, so don't forget this
When you find the type of time to sit and chill
and listen, to a record like mines
Which is equal, to the reality
It touches topic, like solvin poverty
Racial difference and a host of many others
But here's my real point, we're all brothers
and sisters, so get the, point I insist-a
Have a dream, feelin the wish the
world would follow
It's time to shape up, for tomorrow
So swallow, these words that I am statin
We need to stop drugs, keep educating
Our youngs ones, our gifted, our loved ones
How to up-build, become one
race who must erase, eliminate
The problems that we face to set them straight
Set things straight so that we can advance
Yeah... cause you're sleepin

"I caught you sleepin" [x4]

[Ced Gee]
Some say keep it simple, but I say that's not right for me
I think I'm deeper, I have my own philosophy
About rappin, the way I feel it should be done
It should be clever, competitive but also fun
And educational, teachin all our younger people
That no one's better, that everyone's created equal
Now here's a rhyme to make you blink and wink
and think about the problems we have linked
to a brother man, and me then the other man
Must take time, and understand
That when you get yours, I must get mines
Or at least have the equal chance to find
a job, in the executive class
It sounds simple, but it's a difficult task
for them, the rich and the greedy
To give up some to the poor and the needy
Cause they controlled it, for years and centuries
It's not hard to see, why you must share with me
Money, then we can all live as one
Stop the prejudice, for everyone
This might sound farfetched, but I will bet
you give up some cash, and problems will jet
You're sleepin

"I caught you sleepin" [x4]

[Ced Gee]
Now, people and comrades, it's time to listen to
Ced Gee from Ultra, I'm willing to give to you
The type of knowledge, to make you think quick
Ced Gee can do this rap with much wit
Helpin my people see, the power of unity
So get the message, then teach dignity
To all of my young ones, becomin the strong ones
They learn in the long run that they have to love one
another, brother or sister
Here's another point, cause you missed the
whole idea when I ran down a funky rhyme
So once again, as I get mines
Reachin, teachin, speakin
Seekin ... yo, cause you're sleepin

"I caught you sleepin" [x6]