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18 years old Letra

Esmée Denters


18 years old (Letra/Lyrics)

18 years old, I´m supposed to know what I want
So much pressure, red ones
Finally adult
What I´ve been waiting for
But I don´t know it all
Where I wanna go?
Who I wanna be?
What I wanna do with my life?
So many questions all at the same time
Like What´s the reason that I´m here?
For what´s life about?
Maybe when I get older I´ll figure it out
I´ll figure it out

You can call me lost if you like
You can tell me girl that is life
‘cause what's wrong can be right
Through someone else's eyes
But I gotta make the choice on my own
Now that I am grown
Gotta move out of the childhood soon

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