Canción 'Brokyn Needle' del disco 'This Will Be Laughing Week' interpretada por Ultimate Fakebook

Brokyn Needle Letra

Ultimate Fakebook

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BROKYN NEEDLE es una canción de Ultimate Fakebook del año 1999, este tema está incluido dentro del disco This Will Be Laughing Week.

Letra 'Brokyn Needle'

Me and Mot were rockin' out back in his bedroom
Underneath a tapestry of a Motley Crue back in their youth
No time to just wake up from dreamin'!

Brokyn Needle doesn't need no cigarettes cuz we're that cool
Basement majesties and desperate hearts,
Yeah, but it's okay jammin' after school
cuz I'm gonna be a star!

I got a muscle shirt and Mot has got some black boots
Pink bandanna, glitter jeans and a fake tattoo and you're set, dude
No time to just wake up from dreamin'!


"Are You Ready To Rock?" - it's not a question, baby!
Cuz I'm just filled with somethin', it's all I got


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