Disco 'Open Up And Say Awesome' (2002) al que pertenece la canción 'The Scheme To Listen No More'

The Scheme To Listen No More

Ultimate Fakebook


The Scheme To Listen No More Letra

He didn't want to call back,
He didn't want to crawl back,
He could finally see,
Time to get his wheels to loose up some,
Start turning round.
He didn't hear the whip crack,
The whistle and the click clack,
He finally felt free,
It's all a part of the scheme to listen no more,
Starting now.
Always wanted to think that he could come around in time,
Just a wish and a wink and now he's busting out like someone else entire.
He didn't want the lip smack,
Gettin' crucified with thumb tacks, is kind of obscene,
Just a couple of weeks of extensive draining, and he'd be back.
So when he hears the duck quack,
He grabs his gloves and gets mad,
He's really not mean,
Just decided to be a boxer,
Not a punching bag.

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